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Robby Robinson brings 18 years as a project manager with 11 being in staffing and managing Community Development Block Grant, Hazard Mitigation, and Public Assistance programs. Mr. Robinson also has 22 years of experience as a database manager and solutions developer. He has worked on several long-term recovery programs and emergency response projects since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. For most of these programs, he was responsible for the complete staffing, training, and managing of the projects from start to finish. During the last 11 years of emergency response staffing, he learned how to efficiently source and screen for the best candidates to make sure you get the right team on site the first time.  These projects included many homeowner assistance programs across the country, including, data management, construction inspections, damage assessments, environmental reviews, minor roof repair programs, home elevations, wind retrofit mitigation, applicant intake, appeals processes, small rental, and emergency response.  Mr. Robinson is adept at the timely and efficient completion of both governmental and private sector staffing and disaster recovery projects. He has significant experience in those areas, which has provided him with a thorough understanding of issues that can accompany the coordination and completion of each project.  

Bart Farmer has over 11 years experience as a project manager and supervisor in the Construction Industry with eight of those years including CDBG, HMGP and PA programs funded by FEMA and HUD. He has worked on numerous long-term recovery programs and emergency response projects since Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  While with his former employer, Providence Environmental & Engineering, LLC., Mr. Farmer would wear many hats.  He was first hired on to assist in managing long-term recovery construction projects.  Within a couple of years, Providence recognized his ability to sell coupled with his network of public official contacts which made him the perfect person to handle all governmental affairs for the company for municipal, state and federal issues.  In addition to management, sales and governmental affairs Mr. Farmer learned the staffing business while having to oversee and staff multiple emergency response projects.  This is what set him in motion towards starting his own staffing company “WFG” later on with long-time friend and co-worker Lee Robinson.  As someone that not only had to staff multi-million dollar projects,  but also manage them,  he learned very quickly how important it was to find a quality staff to get the job done.  Whether staffing his own project or finding staff for a client;  providing quality staff is something that he lives by and doesn’t just talk about.

Robby Robinson, co-founder and Managing Partner

Years of experience: 18

Expertise: Staffing, Disaster Recovery, & Data Management


Bart Farmer, co-founder and Managing Partner

Years of experience: 11

Expertise: Staffing, Disaster Recovery, & Business Development