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Our mission at the Workforce Group is to serve the insurance industry and all other clients with professionalism and reliability. We accomplish this by providing quality customized service designed to meet the needs of each individual client with an emphasis on customer service. We employ licensed, competent and experienced adjusters with exceptional communication skills. This allows us to build the necessary relationships needed with the client and the public to resolve claims in a prompt, detailed, efficient and professional manner.  We understand each claim is unique and can often be stressful and confusing. Therefore, we pride ourselves on being informative, honest and sensitive to best serve all parties involved while applying our knowledge, expertise and keeping a line of continuous open communication during the entire claim’s process. This gives us an advantage by timely aiding us in reaching a fair and amicable resolution. We firmly believe the satisfaction of our clients begins and ends with providing the best possible customer service experience.


The Workforce Group is a full-service staffing company that provides high-quality staff and unparalleled customer service for any job position. we provide temp-to-hire, direct hire or contract staff, or one of our in-house employees can fill temporary or long-term job opportunities. We focus on industrial staffing for the Gulf Coast region, but our extensive networks of skilled workers add to our ability to provide staff worldwide. WFG is proud of our hands-on approach to giving clients what they want in a timely and professional manner. 

Each owner  has substantial experience in the engineering and construction fields, and all have amassed significant networks of stakeholders. We can quickly match contacts from existing workers of state agency contacts, regulators, private company executives and others with contacts in existing networks of skilled and unskilled workers to alleviate staffing concerns. 

Disaster Assistance

The Workforce Group provides post-disaster assistance to state and local governments. The owners have extensive backgrounds in multiple Community Development Block Grant and Hazard Mitigation Grant Program-related long-term recovery disciplines such as applicant intake, damage assessments, environmental reviews, construction inspections, applicant appeals, compliance and monitoring, data management and basic staff augmentation for any CDBG and HMGP-related project. Beginning with Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the owners have been actively involved in assisting state and local governments for hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Ike, Dolly, Isaac, and Sandy. WFG staff has also been involved in more than five CDBG-funded elevation and minor roof repair programs in the state of Louisiana following hurricanes Gustav and Ike Each of these storms has brought unique issues for citizens and government alike, but past experience allowed WFG to work through the problems quickly and efficiently. 

Following are examples of CDBG and HMGP-related projects in which the owners have been involved:

  • The Louisiana Road Home Program - Provided damage assessments of homes and small rental properties, managed a staff of more than 50 in the Home Evaluations and Appeals Department and assisted in compliance and monitoring at the close of the project.
  • LA HMGP/CDBG Home Elevation Program - Managed more than 150 elevation contractors in the program.
  • Mississippi Small Rental Assistance Program ("SRAP") - Provided and managed a team of inspectors to conduct environmental reviews for the program.
  • Mississippi Neighborhood Home Program - Provided and managed assessors to produce damage estimates of homes for Mississippi residents with hurricane damages.
  • Texas Homeowner Assistance Program - Provided and managed assessors to produce ECRs and DOBs for Galveston County, the City of Galveston, Lower Rio Grande, the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission and the Houston/Galveston Area Council. Helped provide construction management and inspection services for these governmental districts.
  • NY Rising Community Reconstruction Program - Provided and managed assessors to produce SPCRs and AAs for the program.
  • NY Rising Community Reconstruction Program - Currently providing Environmental Technicians to perform Tier 2 Environmental Reviews.
  • LA HMGP - Worked for six months to develop the construction monitoring program within the state HMGP.
  • Jefferson Parish Katrina/Rita HMGP - Supplied program operations management; supervised and documented homes in elevation and reconstruction grants; developed and administered grants for damaged properties.
  • Jefferson Parish Gustav/Ike HMGP - Supplied program operations management; supervised and documented homes in elevation and reconstruction grants; developed and administered grants for damaged properties.
  • Jefferson Parish Severe Repetitive Loss Program - Performed public outreach and participated in grant preparation; verified properties and collected data through individual meetings.